Live video consultation

Live video chat is very useful as it is an opportunity to have face-to-face conversation actually seeing the real situation such as facial expressions, surrounding indoor/outdoor environment, labour position or breathing, lactating breast, baby’s condition, baby handling skills etc. You can get an insightful advice online or phone. This video conversation is often used before or after homevisit and meeting for the continuous care and support. So, the service is basically for already existing perinatal women and the families.

*Please note, this is not to make a medical diagnosis on its own or a rescue service assessing urgent critical conditions, as the video chat does not allow palpation or best appropriate assessment. However, you are largely helped to take the next action more comfortably, such as better breast condition management, easier and more comfortable parenting and going to a doctor after the conversation.


yen_orange 2000 / 1h

Available platforms and apps: FaceTime, Skype, LINE, Whatsapp and Viber etc.

International calls are only made via these online communication methods.