Continuous Care Package


Continuous care facilitating and optimising your health throghout your perinatal life.

Everybody is individually treated and the continuous care not only empowers woman, baby and the whole family but also avoids unnecessary confusion or problem. Anything about perinatal life is massively ‘a change’ and ‘a process’ at all time. Your life requires consistency and continuity in support. I believe mothers and families are already experts from the first place and can do everything super well with or without me/midwife! Professional support, little tips and reassurance are provided throughout your journey.

This package can begin any perinatal stage, and you are socially and clinically supported, optimising your healthy and enjoyable perinatal life.
A series of homevisit is typically provided, which includes classes, text message exchange and video/audio chat as needed to support you all the way through. Make the first booking and you will be continuously supported!

Around birth Package

yen_orange 20,000 yen

3 homevisites & continuous support (including text, video/audio call and email exchange)

From about 30 weeks ~ or postnatal only



Full continuous support package

yen_orange 50,000 yen

4 homevisit, classes, event invitation and continuous support (including text, video/audio call and email exchange)

From 1st/2nd trimester to your baby’s 1month birthday