Home Visit

The continuous support is always the best throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal life.

We are all unique.

Being treated as an unique individual, mother-baby-dyad and family is so empowering. When you are shy and/or just prefer more individualised care, homevisit is ideal, particularly pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal life is totally special for anybody.

This life changing events require great support and continuous meetings will certainly help you having a satisfying and great experience as a whole.

Private and personal care is offered at your home without moving your busy and tired body in pregnancy and postnatal time but with trust family’s presence.

To get to know each other and for me to assess the situation, telephone conversation or face-to-face meeting is required prior to the first homevisit appointment.

Women and infant situation can often/sometimes be very time sensitive.

Urgent homevisit and/or telephone/video chat consultation is also available depending on the circumstances.

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