Our classes & meetings

Pre-natal A/クラスA

Pre-natal B/クラスB

Pre-natal C/クラスC

Multiple Pregnancy/多胎妊娠・出産・育児

Baby bath/沐浴

Baby Massage/ベビーマッサージ

Peer Meeting Meeting Specialists/仲間・スペシャリストと出会う

Paediatric CPR & first aid/乳幼児のファーストエイド・応急処置

Peer Meeting . Meeting Specialists


Offered as special events and peer gatherings


Appropriate perinatal stage : Any, depends upon the service

Program: To be confirmed
Special talk related to perinatal life for woman, family and little ones.

The fee: Approximately 2-3,000 yen/person online or at a venue in Tokyo.
Date and details to be confrimed soon!

Any special talk request, please email.



flexible or to be confirmed

free for peer meeting or to be confirmed for special guest meetings



2000 – 3000