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Paediatric CPR & first aid/乳幼児のファーストエイド・応急処置

Paediatric CPR & first aid /乳幼児のファーストエイド・応急処置

Infant and Paediatric CPR and First Aid seminar in cooperation with Red Cross or Fire and Disaster Management Agency: FDMA (Local Fire Station)


Appropriate perinatal stage : Appropriate stage: Stable and healthy pregnancy up to 34 weeks and infant age from 2 months

This workshop is to learn Infant and Paediatric CPR and First Aid. It involves a lot of hands-on practical experience. You are going to be more familiar with potential emergency situations.

What you will learn:
・Infant/Paediatric First Aid and CPR
・Using AED
・Choking for small infant and older child
・Calling ambulance

The fee is applied only for the purpose of donation and material cost to the organiser. The minimum number of participants is usually 10-15. The seminar can be arranged for a group with enough number of participants.

*Please note that you are responsible to your own babies/children. For those who attend with your babies/children, I appreciate your consideration and cooperation in bringing your partner or someone who can look after your babies/children. This issue is paricularly important under COVID-19 circumstances. Things are a little bit more complicated and the safe meeting for everybody is the paramount.

*No homevisit or Online service for this seminar.
*Online service is available as ‘Child Safety and Disaster Preparation’, which does NOT include hands-on practice of CPR or AED. However, it includes a lot of useful demonstration videos, examples and quizes about Child safety, First Aid, CPR and AED that is customised for you.

Paediatric CPR & first aid


2-4 hrs

~3,000/person, to be confirmed at each organised event

This meeting is organised on a regular basis (every 2-3 months) Please go to ‘upcoming events’. To request a seminar as a group, please email.