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Multiple Pregnancy/多胎妊娠・出産・育児

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Paediatric CPR & first aid/乳幼児のファーストエイド・応急処置

Multiple pregnancy/多胎妊娠・出産・育児

Understanding multiple pregnancy


Appropriate perinatal stage : Any stage of pregnancy

Double the work, double the joy!

Many people experience a surprise in finding out about a multiple pregnancy. It can be challenging, however, you can always prepare yourself, which makes a big difference.

Teamwork as a family in upbringing is the best and it is recommended to prepare and build up better relationships with family, and social resources during pregnancy.

The programme consists of general information about multiples as well as individual consultation. It means all together of Prenatal A, B and C with considerations of multiple pregnancy, birth and parenting. Multiple pregnancy might be different from singleton pregnancy in many ways, however, the nature of your body dealing with perinatal period and newborns is the same. Let’s make the pregnancy healthy and the whole experience better.

This programme is arranged upon request. Please email me first for further information.


multiple pregnancy

Home visit /訪問

1,5 hrs


6,000 yen/household . 家族


1,5 hrs

Small group only. 少人数制


1,5+ hrs

2000 – 3000

Private/個人 3,000 yen/household・家族

Group/グループ 2,000 yen/household ・家族