Our classes & meetings

Pre-natal A/クラスA

Pre-natal B/クラスB

Pre-natal C/クラスC

Multiple Pregnancy/多胎妊娠・出産・育児

Baby bath/沐浴

Baby Massage/ベビーマッサージ

Peer Meeting Meeting Specialists/仲間・スペシャリストと出会う

Paediatric CPR & first aid/乳幼児のファーストエイド・応急処置

Child Safety and Disaster preparation

Disaster preparation seminar in cooperation with FDMA, Japan Meteological Agency/Local city office (Onsite)
Child safety, First Aid and/or Disaster preparation workshop (Online)

Appropriate perinatal stage : Stable and healthy pregnancy up to 34 weeks and infant age from 2 months

Many new parents, family members and child minders have a higher awareness about emergency situation of babies and young children. Child safety is very important aspect all parents should bear in mind in the daily life. As you live in disaster-prone Japan, you would like to take enough precautions in this matter, too. This workshop is a place everybody (including me!) can learn our society and the nature.

What the workshop can cover:
By discussing
・Understanding young children
・First Aid and Emergency
・Indoor and Outdoor safe guarding
・Climate, Japanese culture and Social integrity
・Understanding the local community and connect with people
・Public services related to disasters

The workshop will be arranged depending on the concerns and interests with particular focuses and topics (based on e.g. Age of children, geographical location the home address, season, familiality of the issue, social circumstance etc). Learning First Aid and CPR online can NOT offer you the opportunity of hands-on practice. However, it includes a lot of useful demonstration videos, examples and quizes about Child safety, First Aid, CPR and AED that is customised for you.

To request the appropriate workshop, please email first.



To be defined

2,000-3,000/person, to be confirmed at each organised event

This meeting is organised as an onsite event or online only. To request a seminar as a group, please email.


To be defined

2000 – 3000

Private : 3,000 yen/household

Group : 2,000 yen/household