Our classes & meetings

Pre-natal A/クラスA

Pre-natal B/クラスB

Pre-natal C/クラスC

Multiple Pregnancy/多胎妊娠・出産・育児

Baby bath/沐浴

Baby Massage/ベビーマッサージ

Peer Meeting Meeting Specialists/仲間・スペシャリストと出会う

Paediatric CPR & first aid/乳幼児のファーストエイド・応急処置

Baby massage /ベビーマッサージ

Baby massage workshop


Appropriate perinatal stage : Any stage of pregnancy (with a doll you prepare) and the infant age from 6 weeks

Have you ever thought about how a baby massage could have an impact on critical aspects of your baby’s life, such as your baby’s mood, its feeding and sleeping habits, its release of constipation and its general physical well-being? It is a great way of communication with your baby and is a very nice activity for both mother and baby on a regular basis.

Yes, your baby is healthy, however, their health can be further facilitated by your touch. You feel the benefits from your baby could have better sleeping, less spitting or crying and more smiles. This class provides an introduction to baby massage for the baby’s healthier development.


For prenatal family, I will provide a doll for each person or household
For postnatal family, I am bringing a doll to demonstrate and you are working on your own baby.


Home visit /訪問

1,5 hrs


6,000 yen/household . 家族


1,5 hrs

Small group only. 少人数制


1,5+ hrs

2000 – 3000

Private/個人 3,000 yen/household・家族

Group/グループ 2,000 yen/household ・家族