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Pre-natal A/クラスA

Pre-natal B/クラスB

Pre-natal C/クラスC

Multiple Pregnancy/多胎妊娠・出産・育児

Baby bath/沐浴

Baby Massage/ベビーマッサージ

Peer Meeting Meeting Specialists/仲間・スペシャリストと出会う

Paediatric CPR & first aid/乳幼児のファーストエイド・応急処置

Baby bath/沐浴

Baby bath tips and more to discuss about parenting and baby


Appropriate perinatal stage : Any stage of pregnancy

Baby bath is one of the most precious time for both parents and babies. Lots of useful techniques and tips!

You would love to know how to do a baby bath during pregnancy. Or you may get confused and uncertain again about baby bath after the hospital discharge. This is a good opportunity for preparing/revising baby bath and asking any other small questions.

What this joyful service can cover
・Demonstration and preparation using a baby doll during pregnancy
・Demonstration for or doing together with fathers and/or grandparents
・Revise and re-do together with tips and instructions
・A very good opportunity discussing about your birth preparation, childbirth experience, feeding, parenting and a life with your baby as a small consultation at any perinatal stage.



Home visit /訪問

1 hr


6,000 yen/household . 家族


1 hr

Small group only. 少人数制


1+ hrs

2000 – 3000

Private/個人 3,000 yen/household・家族

Group/グループ 2,000 yen/household ・家族