Noriko Aoyama

Noriko Aoyama

Originally from the countryside, Saitama, Japan.

I love playing and watching sports. Challenging college education and practice but precious time in my youth. I’ve travelled a lot.

A long practice implementation period, and it is still ongoing…

Over 40+ years of my life and 20+ years of clinical experience, 600+ babies delivered… I would like to share my experience and passion with you.

There is no pressure needed for mother and baby, but a support and warmth. I provide care for both Japanese and all nationalities that I have the fortune to meet and connect people together in this ever-developing diverse society in Japan.


Qualifications: Nurse (Japan and UK) and Midwife (Japan)

Degrees: Nurse (Bachelor of Science in nursing, UK) and Midwife (Master of Science in Midwifery, UK)

Certificate and diploma: Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Reflexology, Baby Massage (International)

Professional Development: NCPR (International), Paediatric CPR (Red Cross Japan), First Aid (International)

Professional experience: I started my midwifery practice at a university hospital’s birth centre. After 1-year around the world travel (camping and hostel stay with a 25 kg backpack and sleeping bag) at 26 years old, I worked at Paediatric cardiology unit, Gynaecology unit, NICU, Obs & Gyn outpatient, teaching at nursing college, community care as well as various delivery suites. I lived in the UK and other parts of the world for quite some time during my higher education, qualification and work experience. My professional development in recent years has been based in Japan and UK. I have learnt a lot from gaining an international perspective during my time abroad along with Japanese midwifery/nursing.